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Why Alumatech?

  • Unique, frameless, lighter-weight trailers mean heavier legal payloads
  • Round bottom design makes your job faster, easier and safer
  • Aerodynamic design means increased fuel economy
  • Engineered to need less maintenance
  • Manufactured using the latest techniques and welding practices for greater strength
  • Alumatech resale values are the highest in the industry

You can have it all with Lightweight Alumatech Dump Bodies.
At EMM, we know that ROUND IS BETTER. Here’s why...

  • Round is lighter, on average 1,000# lighter than square bodies!
  • Round is more fuel efficient than square bodies!
  • Round cleans out faster and more efficient than sqare bodies!
  • Round channels asphalt to center of paving machines better than square bodies!
  • Round helps prevent material segregation of asphalt better than square bodies!

Alumatech Trailers from EMM.
EMM builds the “Eagle” from 22’ to 39’ frameless with package 60” high sides, front fenders and heavy duty drop legs. The Standard Frameless 39 ft. standard model weighs 9,895 lbs.

“Eagle” Option package Alumatech’s Eagle option package reduces the empty weight of our trailers even further. We also reward our customers with a reduced option price when they specify the Eagle package:

Aluminum draft arms: 160 lbs.
Aluminum hubs: 80 lbs.
Centrifuse drums 160 lbs.
Aluminum wheels 280 lbs.
Intraax air ride suspension
Save $400 and weight savings of 840 lbs.
Package available on standard frameless only. 9055 lbs. Standard 39ft. Frameless with Eagle Package.

Quarter Framer Stability and Versatility
Alumatech’s quarter frame offers maximum load distribution between the axles while unloading. This means for real increased stability, both axles share equally in stabilizing the trailer. Alumatech’s quarter frame offers versatility to unload into an asphalt paver, dump over a retaining wall, or unloading sludge at the landfill. Alumatech offers the quarter frame in 24’ to 39’ lengths. Aluminum draft arms not available.

Frame Built tough to hold up to the toughest challenge. Engineered with a rugged seventeen inch extruded I Beam and heavy-duty crossmembers this frame trialer is the perfect balance of strength and lightweight. The Frame Trailer tub is standard with bright finish walls, 57” sides, stainless steel tailgate hooks, and air ride suspension to smoothen the ride. Lengths from 22’ to 39’ available and sides from 51” to 79”. (Shown with aluminum frame.)

FleetRite Tailored for your bottom line.
Designed for the value minded fleet owner and owner operator, the FleetRite trailer offers all the quality of Alumatech, but eliminating any frills and offering a simpler design to increase value. At only 70 lbs. Heavier that our Standard Alumatech, this trailer offers a great alternative to the value minded buyers.

Design Strengths

  • 7-Year Wall Sheet & Extrusion Warranty (Side Wall Assembly)
  • Slanted top side for material shedding
  • 10” x 6” top rail for maximum strength
  • Interlocking top rail to side sheet design

Call us today and let us show you how owning an Alumatech can increase your profits.


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