High-Quality Aluminum Flatbed Trailers


When you’re looking for high-quality aluminum flatbed trailers and flatbed trailers in general, count on EMM Sales & Service, Inc. to find what you need. Our company has a wide selection of delivery and transportation equipment that can help you take care of all of your bulk feed requirements.

Flatbed Trailers for Sale

If you’re in need of reliable flatbed trailers for sale, contact us about all of the top-notch choices waiting for you here at EMM Sales & Service, Inc. When it comes to flatbed trailers, we have a variety of choices available. Whether you’re searching for combo flatbed trailers, trailers with aluminum drop decks or anything else, we can accommodate you. We even offer used trailers. If you’d like to save some money when looking at flatbed trailers for sale, check out the quality new and used flatbed trailers we offer.

Flatbed Trailers for SaleWe offer two exciting choices in aluminum flatbed trailers. These are the AF-1080 flatbed and AF-1090 flatbed models. There are terrific components of both types of trailers. They both offer weight savings of close to 3,000 pounds, impressively enough. They both have incredible capacities of a maximum of 80,000 pounds. Both kinds of trailers lack splices anywhere on their beams. Lastly, their web areas are sliced in a robotic manner to guarantee that they are exactly the same.

The AF-1080 flatbed trailer specifically is great for its strong load capacity rating. Few other trailers can compete with the rating. AF-1090 flatbed, on the other hand, is notable due to its success in coal hauling.

Combo Flatbed Trailers

As indicated before, we also offer combo flatbed trailers here at EMM Sales & Service, Inc. There are many advantages to investing in these varieties of Wilson flatbed trailers. Examples include lightweight feels, state-of-the-art components, impressive weights and amazing capacities. These trailers are also appreciated by many due to their pure strength and hard-wearing natures.

New & Used Flatbed Trailers

Drop Deck TrailerIf you’re looking to purchase a new or used flatbed trailer, contact us to learn more about our products. We’ll do whatever is necessary to help you locate the finest option for your preferences and requirements. Customer service is always extremely important for us at EMM Sales & Service, Inc. When you make the decision to buy equipment from us, you can always feel confident and secure. Contact our company today for more information.


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