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grainGrain transportation is an agricultural concept that’s exactly what it sounds like — specifically the transportation of grain. If you need to get grain from point A to point B, you need to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. EMM Sales & Service is a reputable company that sells a vast selection of delivery and transportation tools for bulk feeds. You will find the equipment that we sell useful for all of your grain transportation purposes. We serve as a Wilson Grain Equipment dealer for the states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. If you’re looking to buy high-quality grain hauling trailers, our equipment is top of the line.


Reliable Transportation for Grain Products

grain trailerOur company’s Wilson grain trailers are perfect for grain transportation for a multitude of reasons. Our trailers are constructed to offer weight distribution that’s even and balanced. They’re optimal for helping people reach great payload standards courtesy of their RollerTrap features. Wilson grain trailers excel at performance and are convenient due to their reduced maintenance needs. When you look to our company for your grain hauling trailers, you can often choose between vast assortments of different lengths in trailers for sale.

The grain trailers we carry are capable of holding a wide array of diverse foods. If you invest in the Patriot belt trailer, for example, it can carry gluten, potatoes, corn and even hay cubes. This trailer has many benefits beyond just the type of foods it can hold, too. It boasts an aerodynamic design that boosts fuel economy and minimizes the annoyance of wind drag.

When you need reliable transportation for grain products and grain alike, our options for you here at EMM Sales & Service are absolutely top-notch. Our trailers are spacious and suitable for all of your bulk transportation needs. No matter what type of grain you need to haul, our trailers can do the job for you. Whether you’re planning to haul hay, potatoes, different kinds of grain or anything else, our trailers can help you arrive at your destination in a prompt and timely manner, no exaggerations. When it comes to bulk feed transportation, we know our stuff here at EMM Sales & Service.


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