Purchasing Sturdy Livestock Transportation Equipment


When you are dealing with livestock transportation, you need the right equipment to help you at all times. That’s where our Pennsylvania-based company EMM Sales & Service, Inc. becomes a true asset to you. Established back in 1969, we’ve been providing customers with dependable livestock transportation equipment for decades and decades now.

If you need to get cattle from one location to the next safely and efficiently, our livestock trailers are the ones to trust. Our equipment is always sturdy, durable and well maintained. Proper trailer upkeep is essential for a multitude of different reasons, notably safety. Since we maintain our trailers so well, you can always feel fully comfortable when your workers and animals are inside of them. This can give you an immense sense of peace of mind. When you purchase equipment from our company, you can have full confidence.

Buy Livestock Trailers from a Company You Trust

At EMM Sales & Service, Inc., we offer a combination of used and new equipment. If you’re looking to buy livestock trailers that are brand new, take a look at our inventory. If you’re more interested in gently used trailers that still look great and work wonderfully, we can accommodate you there, too. We’re happy to say that we can assist you with all of your livestock transport requirements and preferences.

24 Ft. Ranch Hand

Customer service is always of great importance to the team at EMM Sales & Service, Inc. We constantly strive to make our customers happy by offering them the finest equipment possible. Our company never settles for anything less than the very best, which is completely apparent to anyone who looks at our equipment. Communication is also extremely valuable to our staff. We participate in strong communication prior to completing any sales with our customers. This is to guarantee that we have a perfect grasp of what our customers expect out of the equipment they intend to buy. We always help our customers select the equipment that’s suited to their specific requests and requirements.

If you need to buy trailers for livestock, EMM Sales & Service, Inc. is always a reputable company to trust. Our equipment is strong and constructed to last. If you’re interested in agricultural transportation equipment that’s of an extremely high quality, we have exactly what you need right here waiting for you.

If you want to know more about our many equipment options, call us today and we’ll happily speak to you.


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