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EMM Sales brings one of the top-quality dump trailers to forge its way in the trucking industry: The Travis Trailer. With their unparalleled quality and lasting durability, you know that you’ll be getting the best of the best. Travis Trailers come with several varieties so you can decide which one fits your needs the best, or our team can help you make the decision to set you up with the trailer you need. With years of experience under our belts, EMM Sales takes pride in helping customers with all sale and service needs. Our motto is “Service…Service…Service” so you know that quality service is our specialty. EMM Sales and Service is the one-stop-shop when looking for the perfect trailer, so contact us today! We can’t wait to help you stand out with the perfect Travis Trailer today.

Set Yourself Apart with a Quality Dump Trailer

What makes the Travis Trailer stand out? The innovation behind the patented SST™ Trailer Technology. Standing for Super Strong Trailer, you know that when you purchase the Travis Trailer, you’ll be able to haul more and go further. With advanced and improved technology, these trailers have better strength and enhanced aerodynamics, which was a significant step forward in dump trailers technology to create high quality dump trailers. If you want to have a trailer with the best technology on the market, call us today or visit us to learn about our selection of Travis Trailers.

The Wave® Order Trailer
The Wave®

The Wave® Represents Travis®’s Most Recent Product Innovation

It is the first major design improvement for the aluminum end dump and transfer trailer in over 40 years. The Wave® design combines the “best of the best” features from several of our past and current designs into one incredible trailer. This polished end dump trailer incorporates smooth outer walls as found on our Aero-Lite end dump trailer that dates back to 1990. It uses our patented rub-rail and floor crossmember design that was developed in 1993. Also, the trailer has both an inner and outer wall as found on our SST-Aerodyne end dump or tipper trailer. Finally, the trailer maintains the superior design integrity as found on our Classic trailer for all of the components and sub-assemblies (draft arms/coupler plate, sub-frame, suspension, nose, hoist housing, tailgate hardware, electrical, air and hydraulic systems). Yet, there is more. The Wave® is strong. It has better resistance to abrasion. It can incorporate insulation within the walls to hold in heat or keep out the cold. The bull-nose top rail has virtually no flat spot to hold rocks and is easy on tarps. Perhaps, best of all, this tough duty trailer is also lightweight. After 14 years Travis® Body & Trailer may have developed the perfect trailer.

The Wave® Benefits

  • Increased fuel economy due to less wind resistance.
  • Increased cubic yardage due to narrower profile walls.
  • Lighter trailer per cubic yard of payload.
  • Increased yield strength for sidewalls by using aluminum extrusions, made of 6061-T6 alloy, instead of softer sheet.
  • Outer walls are protected from unsightly dings and dents that detract from your company’s image and reduce resale value.
  • Increased profits & cash flow by using less fuel and hauling more payload.

Specific Design Features of The Wave®

  • Extruded hollow wall tubes, approximately 12″ tall, by 2 ½” thick, with strengthening, internal webs spaced 9″ apart. Each tube runs the full length of the trailer. They are stacked then solid welded inside and out to one another and to the lower rail, and to the special top rail. All of the interconnecting welds that make up the walls also run lengthwise with no vertical welds to compromise body strength, especially near the center of the trailer.
  • The inner wall of the tube is approximately 5/32″ thick, (like our standard end dump). However, because it is extruded 6061-T6, it has physical properties that make it about 15% stronger than standard trailer sheet of the same thickness.
  • The outer wall is much thinner 1/10″ and is curved or waved to increase strength.
  • The end dump features a 6″ tall, bull nose top rail that is also only 2 ½” wide and is thicker (7/16″) at the top than other, traditional designs.
  • The tipper or live floor trailer features a larger top rail where the top slopes inwardly 6″ into the trailer and is also thick at the top.
  • Wave® trailers include the dual wall design for the tailgate as well! A very clean look!
  • As mentioned, the lower rail is our patented SST tube design where the end of each floor crossmember is fully welded (all the way around) to the inner wall of the rub rail. As proven by over nine years of problem free usage, there is no stronger design than this.
Alumatech® Order Trailer

The Only Seamless Half Round Aluminum Trailer

The Alumatech® is back and it is better than ever! With standard equipment, cat scale weight of our 39′ trailer is an incredible 8,892 lbs.

Alumatech® Benefits

  • Intraax® Air Ride tandem w/25,000 lb. wide track axles
  • Heavy-duty, 10″x6″ top rail with pre-stressed tension bar
  • Duralite Hubs / X30 Drums
  • Aluminum Wheels (4 Polish / 4 Mill)
  • Aluminum Draft Arms / Drop Legs
  • Aluminum Sub-Frame
  • Aluminum Air Tank
  • Seamless body, 1 piece floor & side sheet
  • Mirror Finish Sides
  • LED Lights • Rubber-sealed gate
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

The new Alumatech® has several upgraded and redesigned features that are on all Travis End Dumps, such as rubber-sealed gate, overcenter gate latches, and heavy-duty tailgate frame bracing.

Alumatech® Specifications

While much of the trailer is the same as its predecessor, several important areas have been improved, redesigned or updated, including:

Aluminum Sub-frame

The critical front end of the subframe has been lengthened over 22% and has had over 250 pounds of excess steel removed.

Coupler Plate

Upgraded to T-1 steel, and the upper and lower saddles have been enlarged from a 4″ to 5″ radius.

Drop Legs

The all aluminum drop legs are now mounted on the draft arms, a safer and sturdier design.

Draft Arms

The connection of the draft arm to the center of the body has been dramatically strengthened.


Latches now lock “over-center” like all Travis trailers:

  • The tailgate cylinders have been relocated to a protected area
  • The tailgate top-hangers have been upgraded to match Travis standards
  • The gate is rubber-sealed with Travis’ proprietary snap-in design

Hoist support tubes are now super thick ¾” extruded channels.

  • The top rail connection to the nose has been redesigned eliminating the old pipe braces.
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The VERTEX® Order Trailer

Travis® Introduces Its Newest Innovation, The VERTEX®

ver•tex a patented trailer design which combines Vertical panels of an Extruded, dual-wall trailer. Also, the highest point, the apex, or summit.

In production since April of 2009, the VERTEX® adds to the powerful line-up of smooth-sided innovations from Travis® that date back to 1989.

The VERTEX® Benefits

  • Available as a Frameless, Frame-type, or Quarter-Frame
  • Tandem, tri-axle, quad-axle, spread-axle, virtually any configuration
  • Also available as Live Floor, or Tipper Trailer
  • Lightweight, heavy duty all aluminum construction
  • Aerodynamic smooth-sided fuel saving design
  • Dual-wall, longer life, extruded 6061-T6 aluminum walls
  • Thin wall adds capacity, and inner wall hides any dents
  • Polished sides for cosmetic look, and company image
  • The VERTEX® end dump comes with a Travis 5-year limited warranty

Available Options

  • Various body widths & side heights to match your application
  • Insulation in side panels
  • Thicker panels for high wear
  • Travis’ unique ground-operated barn door and grain door
  • Custom lights / paint
  • Tarps, from several major manufacturers
  • Aluminum draft arms, load bearing drop legs or 2-speed landing gear
  • Lightweight hubs and drums
  • Aluminum wheels and wide-base tires and wheels
  • Many other options are available, including your custom designed items
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The Aerolite® Order Trailer
The Aerolite®

The Aerolite™ end dump trailer completes the Travis line of lightweight, aluminum end dump trailers. This smooth sided trailer was first built by Travis back in 1991. While those trailers performed well, the new Aerolite™ includes design improvements that increase both its durability and its operation.

The trailer incorporates the stronger floor design that is common to our entire aluminum product line with both a deeper rub rail and 5.5″ deep floor supports. The side walls, however, are inverted with its one-piece side sheet to the outside and the side bracing on the inside. The inside brace is a long horizontal member used in lieu of outside vertical side stakes.

With Travis Trailers’ customizable lightweight options (alum. arms, Intraax air ride, alum. wheels, alum. hubs, centrifuge drums), a 39 ft. trailer weighs in at only 9,900 pounds. The narrower body and smooth sides combine for less wind resistance and large payloads that can only be known as Aerolite™.

The Aerolite® Benefits

  • One piece, seamless side sheet
  • Double rear post
  • Full rubber sealed tailgate
  • Longer top rail lip
  • Extruded inside radius
  • 5.5″ deep floor supports

Choose from a Wide Variety of Trailers

When it come to Travis Trailers, you know that EMM Sales has the variety and knowledge you want and need to get the perfect trailer for your driving needs. Stocked with four varieties of Travis Trailers, the Wave, Alumatech, Vertex, and Aerolite trailers, you will be able to pick the one that best suits your transportation needs. Our team is knowledgeable on each trailer and is here and ready to help you get the perfect one. Click on each specific trailer to find out which one is right for you or come on it! We’d love to talk to you about the trailers we have in stock today.

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