1999 Kenworth with Walinga Tank

Model T800 875k mi Fuller 10 Speed 3406E CAT Engine 7 Compartments 53 Ton 21-1/2 Ton 30′ Boom

2017 Warren Trailer

9 Compartment Auger Trailer Manual Rack & Pinon Gates

2002 Walinga Trailer

8 Compartment Auger Trailer Manual Rack & Pinion Gates

2006 Walinga HAT

40ft long 102in wide 40ft true vertical auger 44 cu/ft Power lids 8 compartments

2006 Walinga

10 compartments V gate style unload setup Air open split lid Open fender and bag tarp on passenger side Equipped…

1996 Walinga

38ft long 96in wide 42ft boom w/ 10in vertical 40 cu/ft 1,520 total cubic feet 8 equal compartments DS catwalk…

2005 Walinga

Hopper auger blower trailer 96” wide 44 cu/ft 1584 total cu/ft capacity Inverted “V” manual gates 38’ boom w/ true…

1982 Walinga Bag Bulk Body

18ft long 96in wide 84in sides