Wilson Roadbrute® Combination Steel and Aluminum Center Frame Flatbed Trailer

The Roadbrute platform flatbed trailer has played a prominent role in making the combination steel and aluminum flatbeds as popular as they are today. Our Roadbrute features outstanding weights, unbeatable capacities, and unprecedented durability at competitive prices. Wilson Trailer offers combination flatbed models in three different load ratings. With a 25″ beam depth and crossbar spacing set at 18′, our popular CF-1080 achieves a maximum distributed load rating of 80,000 lbs. For lighter weight applications the CF-1060 maintains a 60,000 lb capacity and for heavy-duty jobs the Roadbrute CF-1090 has a main beam depth able to handle a load capacity of 90,000 lbs. and concentrated loads of up to 65,000 lbs. in 4 ft.