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Additional Walinga Pneumatic Equipment


Walinga Agri-Vac®
The only system you’ll ever need

Gives one-person total grain-handling capability!

Do it all with the Walinga Agri-Vac. Fill or empty any storage facility being used. The Walinga Agri-Vac puts an end to legs, augers, sweeps and shovels. Grain handling has never been simpler, safer or healthier. Just couple the Agri-Vac to your tractor and drive into position. Lightweight vacuum/pressure hoses attach in seconds and flex easily. Suddenly even tight spots and awkward angles are no problem!

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Walinga Ultra-Vac®
The Ideal Industrial Strength Solution

This diesel-powered stand-alone vac system can be positioned and repositioned maximizing transfer efficiencies.

As with all Walinga Vac Solutions, you’ll do away with augers, sweeps and shovels.  Move bulk damage-free and with minimal dust. The healthier and more efficient way to transfer bulk and built to last!

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Walinga Ultra-Veyor®
The ultimate system for your grain transferring needs

Move your grain safer and easier, without elevator legs or portable augers.

This system moves grain by air, maximizing accessibility for any drying or storage facility. Move your grain safer and easier, without elevator legs or portable augers. Move your grain with minimal maintenance, with all the working components on the ground!

Walinga Ultra-Veyors can handle the requirements of most operations with models ranging from 400 bu/hr to 2100 bu/hr. These systems are flexible, expandable and easy to install.

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Grain Cleaner®

Walinga Grain Cleaner®
The ultimate system for your grain cleaning needs

Maximize grain handling profit!!

The Walinga Grain-Cleaner is a new innovative product! The Walinga Grain-Cleaner is ideal for removing dust, ‘bees-wings’ and fines from your grain before storage and transporting to sale point. The Walinga Grain-Cleaner features a totally enclosed system to prevent the release of dust back into the air, the Grain-Cleaners heavy duty bristles and 10″ discharge auger ensure you receive a perfectly cleaned grain done at an exceptional rate of speed. Dryer Mounted Models also available!

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Walinga Central Vac®
Innovative vac systems that work!

The Benchmark in product transfer for the food, feed, and Seed industries.

Walinga Central Vac Systems continue to evolve, thriving in the most demanding of environments. Vac systems help eliminate facilities debris or residue from spills and minimize the health and explosive risks associated with dust. Install a system for production line product retrieval, reusing what may have once been considered of not value. Design a multi-floor, multi-drop system for larger installations. Walinga Central Vac Systems feature tried and proven components familiar to all Walinga transfer products.

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Additional Walinga Pneumatic Equipment

Drop-Thru Airlocks

We pride ourself in quality heavy duty drop through style airlocks.
Walinga has been manufacturing rotary vane airlocks since the early 80’s.  We pride ourself in quality heavy duty blow through and drop through style airlocks. Cast iron precision machined housing for longer life. Adjustable tips available in Knife Edged Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Composite Rubber. Electric Motor for separate start/stop operation.

Whether you’re looking for a rotary vane airlock to complete your milling operation or to repair a grain vac, Walinga is sure to have the right one to suit your needs.  We offer “Drop Thru” styles and “Blow Thru” styles.  We also offer different types of rotors.  From solid to stainless steel tips to rubber bladed tips.  Walinga also offers round or square mounting surfaces.  We also specialize in custom rotary vane airlocks.

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Super Chrome Blower

We pride ourself in quality heavy duty drop through style airlocks.
The Walinga Super Chrome Blowers are manufactured to exacting specifications and quality control standards. The housing, endplates and impellers are precision machined and “chrome plated.” Gears and bearings are “splash lubricated.”

The Walinga Super Chrome Blower is available in three different sizes.

  • 650 cfm capacity Model 506 3″ systems
  • 110 cfm capacity Model 510 3″, 4″, and 5″ systems
  • 1800 cfm capacity Model 614 4″, 5″, and 6″ systems
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