Comprehensive Utility Trailer Repair Services in Lancaster, PA

Looking for a company offering utility trailer repair services in Lancaster, PA? Look no further than the qualified team at EMM Sales. We offer trailer maintenance and repair work to owners of every make and model of vehicle that we sell. With a 21,000-square-foot facility located in Brownstone, PA, no job or piece of equipment is out of scope for our skilled contractors. We offer the following to customers looking for trailer servicing:


  • Full-Service repairs & parts for Walinga feed equipment and most other brands of transportation equipment — including hopper bottoms, belt trailers, livestock trailers, end dumps and drop decks.
  • Installation of custom wet line systems for feed equipment, dump trailer, low boy flatbeds and walking floors on belt trailers.
  • Full-service utility trailer repair for all brands of dump bodies and trailers, specializing in Travis Alumatech Dump Body & Trailers and all Travis end dump models.
  • Installation and service of power take-offs (PTOs) and hydraulic pumps.
  • Repairs to all brands of liners — including QuickSilver, Dyno-Flo, Blue Iron and American Made.
  • Installation and repair for all types of tarp systems — from roll tarps to flip tarps, including Shur-Co tarp systems.
  • Suspension repairs on all major brands — including Hendrickson, SAF Holland, and Ridewell.
  • Services for vacuum trucks and grain vacuums.
  • Thorough trailer inspection to guarantee road safety compliance.

We also offer a range of parts for sale for every vehicle that we sell. For more information about our trailer & equipment parts, visit our trailer supply store page.

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Offering Top-Level Trailer Maintenance Work

Trailers are complex pieces of machinery. Without proper trailer maintenance, your vehicle will be exposed to a range of potential operational & safety issues— from brake or transmission failure, to tire defects, suspension issues and more, trailers are susceptible to a broad spectrum of mechanical faults. Left unaddressed, these can quickly become costly and make your vehicle a danger to other drivers.

At EMM Sales, we offer quality trailer maintenance work to ensure your vehicle is always road-ready. In the event of faulty mechanics, our skilled technicians will work quickly and efficiently to provide comprehensive trailer servicing. Whether your truck is a Muv-All, Travis, Walinga or Wilson, our team has the tools and experience to get the job done.


Trailer Inspections to Guarantee Road Safety Compliance

To operate a commercial vehicle in compliance with road safety requirements, your vehicle will need an annual trailer inspection by a qualified mechanic. At EMM Sales, all our mechanics are licensed to conduct trailer inspections in the state of Pennsylvania, and we offer this service in addition to our trailer maintenance work. If we find a safety issue, we will offer you a fair and accurate quote on trailer servicing & repair costs to get your truck back on the road in tip-top condition.


Contact Our Utility Trailer Repair Services Department

Want to learn more about our trailer servicing? Whether you need a utility trailer repair, trailer inspection or general trailer maintenance, the team at EMM Sales has got you covered. Stop by the shop Monday – Friday between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM, or contact us for additional information and to schedule an appointment.