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At EMM Sales and Services, we offer quality trailer parts and accessories to keep you on the road. Whether you are a business owner or a first-time trailer owner, our trailer supply store offers a wide range of products ready to meet your demands. You can expect our knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist you in finding the correct parts you need for your trailers and equipment from the beginning. For over 50 years, our team has been working with trailers for agricultural businesses like yours and will be there to help assist you when you need it most.
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Quality Trailer Parts for Sale

Designed to withstand the wear and tear of your everyday work, our trailer parts will keep your operations running smoothly. Our parts department can provide almost all the parts needed for your trailers. Our expert staff specializes in trailers of all types, giving you peace of mind knowing we can help you find the perfect parts for your agricultural needs.

Our available trailer parts for sale include:

  • PTO’s
  • Hydrapak Systems
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Hydraulic Fittings & Hose
  • Hydraulic Tanks
  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Air Fittings and Lines
  • Clearance & Accessory Lights, Including LED
  • Walinga Feed Equipment Replacement Parts
  • Blowers & Air locks
  • Blowpipe, Flex Hose Collars, & Couplings
  • JDR and VHD Hoses
  • Alumatech Replacement Parts
  • Wilson Trailer Replacement Parts for Livestock, Gooseneck, Hopper Bottom, and flatbed trailers
  • Shur-Lok Tarps & Parts
  • Flex Bows & Pockets
  • Truck or Trailer Mounted Tool Boxes

Our trailer parts not only work well but will enhance the safety and performance of your unique trailer. Get back on the road in no time with our trailer parts for sale and repair services!


Trailer Accessories for Sale to Enhance Your Transportation

Our trailer accessories for sale are designed to increase the functionality and productivity of your agricultural business operations. When you choose our accessories to upgrade your trailer, you can guarantee dependable transportation for many years to come. Not only are our trailer accessories for sale dependable but manufactured from reputable brands in the industry.

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Dedicated to serving Pennsylvania and the entire Northeast, our trailer supply store works to best serve and provide you with quality parts and accessories you can trust for your trailer. Our goal is always to get you back on the road with premium equipment.

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Some of the Brands We Carry

PLEASE NOTE: Parts prices subject to change and availability. We accept all major credit cards. In an effort to maintain competitive pricing for our valued customers, credit card charges over $1000 will be subject to a 3% fee.

Walinga Feed Equipment Parts for Sale
Part No.DescriptionRegular PriceSale Price
W117824" discharge bootCall for Pricingno saleOrder
W1178-136" discharge bootCall for Pricingno saleOrder
W12017-2Wood auger bushingCall for Pricingno saleOrder
W108Rotation sprocket - keywayCall for Pricingno saleOrder
W112Rotation sprocket - splinedCall for Pricingno saleOrder
W1609Coupling chain coverCall for Pricingno saleOrder
W1034Coupling wing boltsCall for Pricingno saleOrder
4" Flexible Blower Hose (Prices Do Not Include Wing Bolts)
Part No.DescriptionRegular PriceSale Price
2168-215' Flex hose w/ Standard CouplingCall for Pricingno saleOrder
2168-2-S15' Flex hose w/ Angle Bolt CouplingCall for Pricingno saleOrder
216912' Flex hose w/ Standard CouplingCall for Pricingno saleOrder
2169S12' Flex hose w/ Angle Bolt CouplingCall for Pricingno saleOrder
2169-210' Flex hose w/ Standard CouplingCall for Pricingno saleOrder
2169-2-S10' Flex hose w/ Angle Bolt CouplingCall for Pricingno saleOrder
4JDREMM's OWN Rubber Tractor/Trailer Jumper Hose (per/ft.)Call for Pricingno saleOrder
4949-1650' Galvanized Steel Flex hose by the Roll (per/ft.)Call for Pricingno saleOrder
Couplings and Wing Bolts
Part No.DescriptionRegular PriceSale Price
2166APT4" Standard Female w/ Perma Threads (min order: 6)Call for Pricingno saleOrder
2167A4" Standard Male Collar (min order: 6)Call for Pricingno saleOrder
EMM4FTSPT4" Angle Bolt Female w/ Perma Threads (min order: 6)Call for Pricingno saleOrder
W1010Thumb Screw L-Shaped (min order: 6)Call for Pricingno saleOrder
EMM4FSPTSMachined female collar for pipe (min order: 3)Call for Pricingno saleOrder
Feed Bin Pipe Accessories
Part No.DescriptionRegular PriceSale Price
4x10Feed Pipe for Bins 26 ga Galvanized (min order: 5)Call for Pricingno saleOrder
2167AFMale Collar for Solid Pipe (min order: 5)Call for Pricingno saleOrder
Part No.DescriptionRegular PriceSale Price
AllHydraulic MotorsCall for Pricingno saleOrder