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Walinga Agri-Vacs

2021 Walinga 5614 DLX Agri-Vac

  • Capacity 2500 bu/hr
  • 1000 PTO Speed
  • Hose carrier
  • Self contained hydraulics
  • Two 5″ stainless steel hoses
  • 5″ VFD clean-up hose with swivel coupling
  • 5″ suction nozzle
  • 5″ floor sweep nozzle with wheels
  • Rhino liner in receiver tank and boom cyclone
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2023 Walinga 6614 DLX HBR Agri-Vac

  • Capacity 3600 bu/hr
  • 1000 RPM PTO speed
  • Hose Carrier
  • Self-contained hydraulics
  • (2) 6″ stainless steel hoses
  • (1) 6″ VFD clean-up hose w/ swivel coupling
  • 6″ suction nozzle
  • 6″ floor sweep nozzle
  • Rhino liner in receiver tank and boom cyclone
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Four Factors to Consider When Purchasing a New Truck Trailer:

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  3. Safety Features
  4. Maintenance & Serviceability

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