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Searching for a better way to manage your agricultural transportation? A hopper bottom trailer from EMM Sales & Service is the perfect solution! Built with high-quality aluminum and meticulous design, the hopper bottom grain trailers sold at our location are perfect for all your versatile hauling needs. Secure your valuable loads with a Wilson hopper bottom trailer! EMM Sales & Service is a Pennsylvania company that’s been in business for decades. From the start, we’ve been helping match customers with the best grain trailer model for them – and we’d be happy to do the same for you! To learn more about the hopper bottom trailers for sale, please call our sales team today.

Grain Trailers Built to Last

Wilson Trailer produces aluminum commodity trailers to appeal to several agricultural markets. The popular Pacesetter and the original sloped end Commander are Wilson’s aluminum grain hopper trailers. Each model serves the agricultural industry with the long-lasting quality and the great value you expect from Wilson. Wilson grain hopper trailers are standard with the patented Roller Strap Trap™, the industry’s easiest to use and maintain trap opener.

The Wilson Patriot Self-unloading Belt Trailer commands the corn gluten and distillers grain hauling market but it has also proven to be versatile for hauling and unloading a variety of commodities.

Pacesetter Hopper Bottom Order Trailer
Pacesetter Hopper Bottom

The Most Preferred Grain Trailer in North America!

Up and down the highway and in and out of fields is just what the Pacesetter is designed to do. Premium performance when and where you need it. Engineered to maximize even weight distributions from steer axle to rear axle. You’ll feel confident in achieving your best payload standard with the original and patented Roller Strap Trap™, the industry’s easiest to use trap opener since 1996. Lightweight, trouble-free, and very low maintenance, this trailer is available in many lengths with hundreds of options.

Commander Hopper Bottom Order Trailer
Commander Hopper Bottom

The “Original” Sloped Double Wall Aluminum Grain Trailer

The “original” sloped double wall aluminum grain hopper by Wilson Trailer is available in both 96 in. and 102 in. widths and a variety of lengths! Experience the reliability of a proven and tested design, rather than the trials of others attempting to duplicate it.

Wilson’s Commander model has been serving the grain hauling industry for many years. Most notably the Commander is the first double wall aluminum grain trailer available with a sloped front and rear. It comes standard with the patented Roller Strap Trap™, the industry’s easiest to use trap opener.


Patriot Belt Trailer Order Trailer
Patriot Belt Trailer

Long Lasting and Lightweight Aluminum Construction

The year around versatility of the self-unloading Patriot belt trailer coupled with the practicality of its long-lasting and lightweight aluminum construction lends itself to years of service and greater payloads. Wilson’s smooth aerodynamic sidewall design reduces wind drag, increases fuel economy, and makes the live bottom belt trailer easier to pull. The trailer stays clean longer, reducing maintenance and the associated costs.

Realize the Patriot’s full hauling potential from season to season with such products as corn, potatoes, gluten, hay cubes, gravel and limestone – All unloaded in just a few minutes. The Patriot belt trailer is standard with the best features and it has all the available options necessary to make this trailer meet your hauling requirements.

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Look No Further for Quality Hopper Trailers

If you’ve been looking for a high-quality hopper trailer for sale, then we have good news for you! At EMM Sales & Service, we’ve scavenged the market to find and give you only the best hopper bottom trailers available! Wilson grain trailers are aluminum trailers specifically designed to appeal to a variety of agricultural markets. With many models available, these hopper trailers are great for anyone who wants to increase efficiency while decreasing product waste. Allow more payload per haul by coupling two lightweight aluminum trailers together! Contact us today for help in deciding which Wilson hopper trailer would serve you best!

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For many decades, EMM Sales & Service has been one of the most trusted names in the grain trailer industry. While we are located in Brownstown, PA, we service and sell to several US states! Our knowledgeable team prides itself on the personalized service and assistance we provide to customers each and every day. We have great deals on hopper bottom trailers in addition to other Wilson trailer models! To learn more about EMM Sales or the extensive selection of hopper bottom trailers for sale that we have, please contact us via phone or email!